This short animation is a personal expression of feeling overwhelmed by challenges in life. 

A little storytelling;
In my hometown, I live near a huge mountain called Santubong which has been in the background for the majority of my life. The story of Santubong comes from local folklore and tells the story of two immortal women named Santubong and Sejinjang who fought over a mortal man. The fight resulted in Sejinjang getting her head smashed into a million pieces, which locals believe became the islands around Borneo. To this day, the mountain’s silhouette resembles that of a woman’s head, and the woman in the short film is her.
In the summer of 2015, I spent quite a bit of time in the rainforests, and I learnt that the mountain represented a long-lasting challenge for me. I saw it as a journey where you either let it overwhelm you or you choose to keep moving. To keep moving is something that I tell myself when things get challenging.


Design / Animation - Eleena Bakrie
Music - Swim Team by Arms & Sleepers

Programs Used : Photoshop, After Effects, Maya

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At the beginning of this project, i struggled with pinning down the visual language of its design. i had become too comfortable with certain colour palettes and the design was becoming too flat. In the end, i settled with a brighter and more striking palette. This project was completed in two and a half weeks. Done for Motion Techniques II under Prof. Shin Minho.