I got an e-mail from Senior Creative Director Kyra Bartley from Heckler TV, who is based in Sydney asking if i wanted to contribute a frame to this awesome 6 second animation made especially for Valentine's Day! Heckler shot a live action video of a couple kissing and all 120 frames were distributed to artists around the world and we were left to reinterpret the couple in any gender and race.

Love is boundless, Happy Valentine's Day!






"Love is Love. We’ve all heard the words, yet the images that saturate the media still heavily reinforce a narrow depiction of heteronormative love, largely ignoring the diversity of genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and other differences that make love such a glorious, messy and beautiful adventure. We think that’s bullshit. With heartbreak, confusion and shouty news articles filling our feeds, we’ll take all the love we can get."


Contributed Frame