These are some style frames i designed for a spoken word poem by Shane Koyczan. The poem is an appeal to the young to take action rather than complacently watching the world unfold in dangerous ways. The poem uses empowering visual language, and i wanted to embody the nature of the sleeping power within the youth with a strong yet quiet design. 

Transcribed poem ;

You are not powerless.
The many, are an exacting tool of progress.
As heavy as conviction,
as sharp as thought.
You are part of the many,
you are strong.
You are an instrument of change,
you are the juggernaut of our evolution.
You are what the world means
when the word hope
stumbles from its lips
like exhausted purity
finally escaping unjust imprisonment.
You are the drop that becomes the ripple
that engineers the wave that crosses the ocean
in search of the next frontier of promise.
But only,
when you decide to move.
when you choose to act.

- Shane Koyczan

Done for Design for Motion under Prof. Austin Shaw with the design prompt "Typography".
Winner, CoMotion 2017 - Design, Typography