Being This is a typography driven animation sequence based on a spoken word poem by artist Shane Koyczan. The poem is interpreted as the feeling of loving a person immensely, along with all the torment and anxiety that comes along with it.

The challenge of this project is to allow the type to embody the personality of the poet and the poetry’s intended meaning throughout the sequence with minimal illustrations, allowing the type to be the main vehicle of meaning-making. It’s concept and design is based on blackout poetry, where selected words from a found text are removed by ‘blacking out’ with a marker / brush stroke to form new sequences of verses with the words that remain.


Music / Sound Design by Jean-Pierre Waksman

Programs used : Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects

Done for Kinetic Typography under Prof. Duff Yong in the Savannah College of Art and Design. This project was completed in three weeks.



Winner - CoMotion 2017, Kinetic Typography

Editor's Choice - The Rookies, Film of the Year 2017, Motion Graphics

Student Showcase - MoDe Summit 2017 





Initial Design Board