"Movement is life. To remain still is to already be dead."
-Jonathan Safran Foer from Everything is Illuminated

The concept of this channel refresh expresses the similarities in amazing feats that humans and animals perform when driven by our primal instincts. The channel bumpers are meant to highlight where our lives intersect with animals and how we mirror one another in our movements, The planet is reintroduced as a theme in the Channel Identity as it is our common playground, and is a symbol of the celebration of life.

In this project, i took the opportunity to practice an organic style of morphing transitions with visual effects cel animation. 


Special Thanks - Sarai Zelaya for 3D help

Music - Flying Lotus, Puppet Talk (Space Gang Remix)

Programs used : Photoshop, After Effects, Maya

Done for Concepts in Motion in the Savannah College of Art and Design under Prof. Duff Yong. This project was completed in two weeks.